Arnar Begmann Sigurbjörnsson

WIEL Videoproduktion

Arnar B Sigurbjörnsson is an multi media artist that incorporates science theory in his artwork to create objects, installations and videos that reflects his own non-scientific theories about the universe. In the last three years he has been working on a series called Svarthol(Black Hole) in which he tries to mix reality and fiction through sound sculptures that are merged into physical structures. In Svarthol 1-5 he focuses on different aspects of gravity, time, sound and light.

The concept behind his own conception of the black hole is based on the Schrödingers cat-thought experiment. It says that if you put a cat in a closed box then you are not able to know if the cat is either dead or alive or both. The same thought experiment can question the existence of a vacuum in a black hole: it is either there or not or both. Hence there is either sound, no sound or both. The sound sculptures are trying to imitate this possibility of sound in space. In addition Arnar Bergmann Sigurbjörnsson explores and suggests what sound might sound like if it existed in space and around black holes.