Ya Wen Fu

WIEL Videoproduktion

Ya Wen Fu‘s works examines issues pertaining to the definition of the human body and the relationship between the individual body and its external surroundings. As Maurice Merleau-Ponty describes: ”The human body inhabits space; moreover, it itself is an expressive space.” Body movement is not like playing a musical instrument. A musical instrument is an object detached from us, yet an extension of our body. Through body movement, a dialogue is created, by which we define our surroundings. Which means that not only are our behaviors in daily life related to time, space, culture and society, they are also connected with the conditions and experiences of our body.

The perceptions, behaviors and movements of the body is the source of inspiration for Ya Wen Fu‘s objects and performative installations. The combination of Ya Wen‘s Taiwanese background and the cultural influences of living in Germany, contribute to her work in terms of reflecting upon cultures relationship to self-identity. How can we strive for co-existence within our own body under diverse circumstances? How can we make it more of a passive medium for information, transition and activity? How does living in various social environments alter our abstract imagination of body perceptions?