Bosch & Simons

WIEL Videoproduktion

The Music Machines

“In 1896, Nikola Tesla, one of the great geniuses of the electrical age, strapped a small oscillating motor to the central beam in his Manhattan laboratory and built up a powerful physical resonance that conducted through the building and into the earth to cause an earth-quake in which buildings shook, panes of glass broke and steam pipes ruptured over a twelve block area. He was forced to stop the motor with a blow from a sledge hammer. Tesla stated that he could calculate the resonant frequency of the earth and send into a strong vibration with a properly tuned driver of adequate size and specific placement. ”

This supposition is still true for our vibratory projects. While working on the theme “Resonances stimulated by mechanical vibrations” our main interest is not to amplify just one existing frequency, but to create a complex system in which various frequencies influence each other. This gave rise to unstable balances which the slightest change could disturb enough to produce an unpredictable outcome. Alongside unstable balances and order and chaos, another element is sound. The pure power of sound and the pure existence of sound (music) manifest remains an integral part of our installations.