James Nizam


James Nizam’s art is a correspondence made between the structure of a room and that of a camera. His earlier Anteroom series is the most explicit example, wherein he transformed abandoned rooms into straightforward camera obscura. Under these conditions, Nizam observed the way that light entering through an aperture materialized into an illuminated beam, which led him to consider that an aperture might not only focus an image into visibility but could also focus light into form.

Situating his talk within the conference of 9 Evenings Revisited, Nizam will discuss the experimental and pseudo-scientific nature of his jury-rigged setups. His studies and observations of light position his investigations somewhere between a reinvention (for repurposing) of the box / aperture structure, and a tear down of the technology of photography, along with its associated examination of medium-specific concerns. Whether exploring the optics, breaking points, and possible patterning that extend outwards from its foundation; or reflecting on the artful possibilities that lie within its mechanism, Nizam returns us to an essentialist conversation on photography’s still-evolving language.