Wolfgang Ganter

WIEL Videoproduktion

The feedstock of my current series „BACTERIALITY“ consists of slides and color negatives that I took myself or collected from bulk waste piles or bought from private estates. The oldest ones are about seventy years old and some have experienced a process of disintegration because of bad storage conditions. I push this process further by planting bacteria cultures on them. The results are manifold: the slides change very differently according to the age and the development of the chemical emulsion and the diverse bacteria. The bacteria themselves feast upon the photo emulsion, bringing out hidden colors and rearranging the compositions.The effect of the bacteria cultures is the means of expression of new forms and content. On the one hand photography is unmasked as an illusion, and on the other end of the spectrum a new reality is created. After drying the negatives, the condition of the treated material is stable enough to take up to 1000 individual detailed pictures with a the use of a microscope. I then stitch them back together on the computer. With this technique I can realize prints in high quality at any size. Right now I print them up to 162 x 350cm on photo paper with lightfast pigment dyes. The prints are mounted with a acid-free adhesive foil on wood and covered with poured, clear resin.