October 6-13, 2017 The Well-Tempered Brain at Faktor

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An audio-visual Installation with live concert
MARK MATTHES & ANTON KOCH (installation & composition)
in collaboration with:
SERGEY KOSTYRKO (St. Petersburg – modular synthesizer)
ALEXANDER TRATTLER (light / mapping)
ALEXANDER KAGANSKY (molecular biology – University of Edinburgh,UK)
PAUL ROACH (bioengineer – Loughborough University, UK)
RUTH MAY (violin)
ANDREW KRELL (double bass)
OPENING with live concert & introduction:
Fri. 06. Oktober 2017 – 7 pm.
Sat. 07. & Thu. 12. October: Lecture 6 pm / Concert 8 pm
Sun. 08. Oktober – 4 pm: Lecture & Discussion
Fri. 13. October – 7 pm : FINISSAGE
Gallery Bridget Stern at Künstlerhaus FAKTOR
Max-Brauer-Allee 229
22769 Hamburg
The Well Tempered Brain
The Well Tempered Brain is cultured „in vitro“ in the laboratory , called „nanobrain“. It´s activity is translated into a musical komposition and visualized in graphic forms as a collaborative efford of Scientists, Artists and
Musicians. The resulting presentation gives insight to current scientific research, as well as it can be experienced intuitively due to the artistic audiovisual interpretation. This cross-disciplinary collaboration is between artists Anton Koch and Mark Matthes (known as Chamberlab), with guest musicians Ruth May and Andrew Krell, as well as sound musician and theoretical physicist Sergey Kostyrko, and molecular biologist Dr. Alexander Kagansky and bioengineer Dr. Paul Roach. The immersive experience results from ongoing experiments with sonifying neural network data in the study of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. This conceptual artistic approach to scientific research utilizes classical music composition methodology in order to gain new perspectives in data analysis. Ordinarily data is examined graphically, we hope that the complexity of sound diagnostics can lead to new discoveries (text: Candace Goodrich). supported by:
Künstlerhaus FAKTOR is supported by: